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Parenting Styles

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“Parenthood” Film

Parenthood; it could happen to you.

Parenthood. Wikipedia. Retrieved 3 June 2011 from

Parenthood is a 1989 comedy-drama film looking at a middle-class extended family and their relationships between parents and children. This movie was directed by Ron Howard, and the movie stars Steve Martin, Dianne West, Keanu Reeves and many more amazing actors. This hilarious movie is 124 minutes, in which it views different outcomes of child development due to various parenting methods and what happens when parents set too high standards for their children. The movie includes examples of the Authoritarian and even Authoritative parentingstyle. Overall, this movie would be beneficial for teenagers and adults to have a better understanding on parenting and also because the language is at times vulgar. (111 words)






Parenting Styles

Cherry, K. Parenting Styles – The Four Styles of Parenting. Psychology
– Complete Guide to Psychology for Students, Educators & Enthusiasts
Retrieved June 6, 2011, from http://psychology.about.com/od/developmentalpsychology/a/parenting-style.htm

In this article, on about.com, author Kendra Cherry explains the three parenting
styles: Authoritarian Authoritative, and Permissive. This article is 789 words
in length, in which all the information comes from a trusted site that has
taken answers from research psychologists. Though it’s aimed at parents,
students could really benefit from the information provided, as it is well
written. This source could be used for students trying to find great
information on how to differentiate between parenting styles and all the
details involved in what makes them different and what impacts they can have on
children.  (96 words)

Strict Vs. Laid-Back

Comatas, Kim and Hofschire, Sarah. “Different Parenting
Styles.” The Early Show. CBC News. 15 Nov. 2006. Television.


This television broadcast was aired on November 15, 2006, on The Early Show. In this 2 minutes and 25 second video, Susan Koeppen interviews two moms, Sarah Hofschire and Kim Comatas who are best friends with two different parenting styles. Kim Comatas is a parent who follows the Permissive parenting style and Sarah Hofschire follows the Authoritarian. This source is very reliable because it shows the real experiences of two moms and their children’s behaviour caught on camera. The source could be used for students doing research on how these two parenting styles have huge affects on children and how parenting styles reflect on the parents themselves and children actions are determined by what you let them do, and not do. (121 words)

Modern Family

Lloyd, C., & Levitan, S. (2001, September 23). Modern
[Television broadcast]. ABC.

Modern Family is an American television comedy which debuted on September 23, 2009. This ABC television series is half an hour and is produced by Levitan-Lloyd Productions which is affiliated with Fox Televion. The story follows the ups and downs of families who live in a suburban community of Los Angeles, California. Even though this show is shown in a mock documentry style, it demonstrates real parenting problems with all the characters. This TV show could be viewed as a way for teenagers and adults to see the day to day situations and experiences parents go through with their children. (100 words)

Parenting Styles

Parenting styles. Parenting styles. Retrieved June 5,
2011, from http://parenting-styles.co.tv/#Theories_of_child_rearing

The website takes an in-depth look at the differing theories and opinions on the best ways to raise children. The information states how each parenting style can affect the children’s character, and the style is mostly based on the influence of one’s own parents and culture. In addition, it includes the dysfunctional parenting styles and the outcome of children’s behaviour to these styles. This source is very reliable because most of the info comes from already proven or discussed theories from exceptional psychologists and even sociologists. It is 3,175 words in length, but it is a very informative site that can be useful for students doing research projects on parenting, or even as a guide for parents. (117 words)


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